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Photography is the art of capturing the world to visit whenever you wish, having lovely moments lasting forever with you to watch every day, having the people you love, your relatives and your friends always with you.

Beauty is everywhere, in the eyes of a baby fox, clouds travelling over a mountain, smile of a baby, or some wind passing through a girl’s hair. This beauty can be with you everywhere you go as long as you live.

Your happiness is just as far as your nose tip, do not waste time waiting; just a camera click by me and all your events will be living for ever with you as fast as shutter speed.

I do not take shots, I create them!

My name is Omar Saad, a photographer. I love taking photos of nature on land and underwater. I love travelling and visiting new places documenting everything I see with my photos. I believe this way everybody enjoys my trips.

I love the magic of light, nature, wild… believe me, photography is not just clicking the shutter, It is a passion, it is more about feeling the scene. I see, feel and then the shot just happens.

I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am originally an Egyptian, born in Egypt where the art of photography started, they just used nails, hammers and walls instead of cameras and photo papers, no limitations keep an Egyptian from being an artist.

My first SLR was a Zenit EM and it was a gift from my Mom. A 1984 model which was fully manual. That’s how I learned to be a photographer. Thanks my Zenit and thanks Mom.

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